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Behind Remetric: The Technologies, The Decisions, & The Philosophy


During our years in the “web development” industry, our clients were small businesses who need a simple way to connect with their own customers without having to learn any new tools. We started by building a live chat for our customers. This was a step in the right direction, but it still meant our users had to glued to their computer.

One of our early clients complained one day:
I just don’t have time…

After laying out our options, we hooked the chat up to his mobile phone through SMS; when a message came in to his chat, it would send him a message to his phone. Then, he could go to his computer and respond. This was another leap forward, but still not the entire solution.

The obvious answer finally unveiled itself: what if our clients could just respond to the messages – right on their phone (through a text message)? After a quick re-shuffling of code, it was clear:

We had finally unlocked the perfect solution for online small-business customer service.

The first complete iteration of Remetric was born.

Our Philosophy

Our mission has been straightforward from day one:

Help businesses connect to their customers transparently.

Connecting Small Businesses to Their Customers

We want to create massive value. We’ve decided to do that by connecting people. Any time any of our customers is able to connect with our customers, we see that as a win-win-win.

Transparent and Secure Data

Secure and transparent data collection is our top priority and we maintain a Better-Than-GDPR standard of data collection and storage. We believe all usage of the internet should be untracked. Because of this, we don’t do it. Of course, minimal cookies and other measures are used once they are agreed to by our users. This is done to streamline the experience.

What technology is Remetric built upon?

We have written and re-written the underlying code of Remetric many times – on different tech stacks, programming languages, and implementations. Its understated to say that we’re confident in our current choice of platform.

Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

The best way we’ve found to build traction for a product is to plug it in to an already-thriving ecosystem. WordPress powers a huge chunk of the internet, so we were able to create an instant audience for our product.

Besides being a great place to expand our audience, WordPress is built on open source, which is critical to our success.

Ruby on Rails

But… isn’t Remetric hosted on WordPress? Yes, however… Building a software product isn’t quick OR easy. We used a Rails “back end” API because development is quick, and it allowed us to focus on building other aspects of the product, such as the admin area and chat box.


Bars is a great little open source “JS DOM and interactions” builder that has a small footprint and is very powerful. Because our chat box code is loaded many, many, many times per day, it was crucial to us that it had a small footprint for quick loading times, less bytes, and cheaper bandwidth.

No Third Parties and Self-Hosted API

Very quickly in the process, many people asked if Remetric accessed third-party software. Initially, we had used Pusher. Since, we’ve worked hard to remove that as a dependency. For now, unpaid users use the Remetric API, but paid users can unlock “WordPress Hosted API” if they prefer.


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