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Make Your WordPress Site Fast Again


Let’s cut to the chase: you don’t need a CDN. We’ve managed hundreds of WordPress installations and a CDN has never been the answer.

So, what is important for most small business WordPress websites?

  • Make sure your hosting doesn’t get in the way of Search Engine Optimization. Some WordPress hosts actually hurt your SEO standing with mis-configured servers.
  • A ultra-secure WordPress installation so that your site is never infected and your data integrity remains intact across files, folders, and databases.
  • Fast and easy-to-use backup and restore tools. If something ever goes wrong, you need to be able to fix it immediately.
  • A fast and easy-to-use way to create a staging environment to test out new ideas and one-click publish to production.
  • Git and SFTP access for ease of development.
  • Your website needs to load FAST. Time and time again, its been proven that people leave websites that don’t load quick enough. Are they being too impatient? It doesn’t matter – you just lost the sale.

So, how do you speed up your WordPress website? You have TWO options:

  • Make sure that the images being loaded are appropriately-sized and compressed. On a client website, we typically try to keep page size to under 1 MB, though that even seems like a lot.
  • Uninstall excess plugins.

If your site seems to mostly load quickly and then take a while to finish, you need a good JS/CSS concatenating plugin.

If those three things don’t immediately fix your problem, you’re on a shared WordPress hosting platform; you need Fast WordPress hosting. WordPress loads quickly, give or take a little latency; a CDN or caching plugin is a bandaid solution.


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