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Boost Customer Happiness by 9,173% for a SAAS (or any company)


Think of a product that you love. Why did you choose it in the first place?

  • Is it the only product on the market that meets your needs?
  • Is it the cheapest product that meets your needs?
  • Is everyone else using the product?
  • Did someone tell you about it?
  • Did you see a “cool” advertisement about it?
  • Do you want others to know you have it?
  • Could you run your business without it?

Any of these forces could, indeed, influence someone to use a product.

Why do you keep using these products?

  • Their customer service department respond quickly and solved my problems quickly.
  • They were passive about getting me to upgrade the product.
  • They were honest in their copywriting and ethical with their in-app purchases.
  • They were really great by not bombarding me with emails and messages.


These are all table stakes; things that are enviable in any company. Here’s what we contend:

If anyone reaches your Customer Service department, your system is BROKEN.

The number of 9,173% in the title is plucked out of the air, but its not a lie. Your company would have infinitely less customer service requests if your product was more user-friendly.

Customer Service is simply a bandaid until you can remedy the root of the problem (your product). As such, you’re always going to need a clean and simple way to collect these “problems” until you can fix them. That’s where Remetric comes in.


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